Spare Parts Provision

Expendable / Consumable Materials:

Consumables and expendables are small parts that can cause a big effect when you cannot find them. In a worst-case scenario, even a small part that is missing can ground an aircraft. For an optimal supply with C&E materials, aircraft operators DNR is your partner with experience and offers ad-hoc supply as well as comprehensive services. Cost cutting and highest rate of availability blended with custom made logistics. The value is in this formula.

Component Solutions:

DNR Aviation Services provide tailored support for component outright sale, repair and exchange requirements. We are ready to spare our times around the clock to ensure highest fleet reliability through best components with shortest lead times. We only offer a solution that we would go for without hesitation. The best value is not with the cheapest or the fastest. It is custom made thinking as if standing in your shoes.

Cutting Edge Logistics:

Finding an aviation material or component is becoming easier every day. Thanks to the source networks and global reach to internet, all parts of the world on your screen. But how can you put them in your warehouse on time. From regular cargo, to hand carry and even with charter flights, we can bring any material to your desk. The value is what we propose. Not the cheapest, or the easiest, but the best you can choose without grounding your money-making assets.

Diversified Services

Asset Management:

From valuation and liquidation of your assets, to locating new ones, we are ready to bring value to your asset trading/leasing requirements through our extensive network. Components, landing gears, aircraft seats, engines or airframes; a client in our network might be looking for what you have. DNR Aviation Services is keen to assemble the know how to valuate, manage the repairs and arrange sale / exchange transactions of your assets.

Talent Management:

The key to the business is people as we all know it. DNR is ready to support with technical and flight training requirements. Trainings both in various locations and on your site are tailored fit through our diverse network.